Gridseed on fire!


Just an update from the world of ASIC for scrypt-mining cryptocurrencies! The gridseed chips are now out there hashing away... Gridseed has released a unit with 5 chips able to mine both Litecoin (or other scrypt-based crypto-currency) and Bitcoin. This units can be acquired directly from gridseed, but only in bulk orders. For individual units or smaller orders this is an up-to-date list of current re-sellers (in alphabetic order):

Prices are quite different between different re-sellers so PLEASE check them all before buying. I would also advice to look for buyer's feedback on the litecoin forum:

Of interest there is also another product based on gridseed technology, which is USB miner with one gridseed chip.

Project called


Aura Miner – Universalish PCB Project


Aura Miner is quite a cool project for the open source community released by Fibonacci Inc.

The idea is to create a universal PBC that can host any ASIC chip produced either for BTC or LTC. In other words is a board with everything except the ASIC chips! It should allow people to build their own ASIC mining devices once the chips has been acquired and mounted. As one of the Litecoin forum moderator (Carnth) has said "Open source is always great because it allows more people to get involved and to learn!", so people...just get involved!

Litecoin Forum:


Scripta – Litecoin mining distribution for Raspberry Pi

scripta logo copyright twitter

We are proud to present Scripta! The Litecoin mining distribution for Raspberry Pi.

Scripta is fully integrated with currently available FPGA boards for litecoin mining. It includes system web user interface, email notification issues, backup service and system update. The project is debian-based and is entirely open source and soon will be uploaded on github. You can download the image here.
Donation to the project are welcome! Address: Lcb3cy5nPnh3pQWPCpa55Zg8ShZj5kUHYC
Special thanks to MineForeman for the mining web interface and part of the donation will be given to minepeon project.

Litecoin Forum:

Twitter: @scriptamining




- Cgminer
- Scriptor8x FPGA support
- Email notification issues and automatic recovery
- Fit on 4GB SD card
- Web user interface
- Graphs of hashrate
- Realtime stats from cgminer
- Easy miner configuration
- Miner control: Reset, start and stop
- Quick selection of largest mining pools
- Graphs intervals options
- Update service
- Backup service

Main: Graphs, Devices, Pools in use

main page small

Miner: Selection of pools, miner commands

miner page small

Settings: Graphs interval, Password settings, automatic recovery, E-mail alerts and updates

settings page small

Backup: Backup and restore service

backup page small

Lateral factory team

Mining Bitcoin and Litecoin ensemble…

btc ltc

It seems that interesting chips will be soon available from China…I am talking about Gridchip GC3355! They are hybrid miners that can mine Bitcoin and Litecoin at the same time. They have been recently presented in Beijing and they seems to be able to hash LTC at 59.6kH/s and BTC at 1.75GH/s.

As you can imagine this has captured the attention of both SHA256 and script-mining communities. Here some links that show the two communities united once again!

- Bitcoin forum:
- Litecoin forum:
- Feathercoin forum:,5698.0.html

Project website:

Litecoin exchange!

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We have all tried to exchange Bitcoin, but what about exchanging the second largest crypto-currency on the scene? Over the last few months there has been an increase number of places where Litecoin can be exchange and I believe that this is the reflection of how well Litecoin is doing!
With this post I would like to highlight that Litecoin can be exchanged in two main way: market exchanges and fixed rate exchanges. Please find below a short list of the exchanges available at the moment.

Market exchanges:


Fixed rate exchanges:


For a full list please refer to the following thread on the Litecoin forum: