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The Litecoin mining distribution for Raspberry Pi

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  1. Michel de Geofroy Jan 6th, 2014 1:55

    Hi do you have a version with solo mining ? its for a project to demonstrate Rasbpi and Litecoin using solar power … any help would be welcome

    Happy New Year



    • admin Jan 7th, 2014 13:51

      Nice idea! Please let me know a little more about your project, I’ll be very glad to help you.

  2. BruTTus Jan 13th, 2014 21:37
    • admin Jan 29th, 2014 13:50

      No, just scrypt based currency (and miners of course!). Japaleno is a sha-256 miner and will not work unless you do some hacking

  3. BruTTus Jan 14th, 2014 4:44

    Does scripta works with Buterffly 5GH?

    • admin Jan 29th, 2014 13:47

      No, Scripta is currently dedicated to Scrypt-based currencies, you will need to do some hacks to use scripta for bitcoin (and other SHA-256 based coins) mining

  4. ed Jan 22nd, 2014 2:38


    Can I just run this on my pi with out the boards? Just trying to understand it all. thanks, ed

    • Chirale Feb 22nd, 2014 15:11

      Yes…The distribution will run on a Raspberry Pi without extra boards (e.g ltcgear and gridseed-based products), but you will not be able to mine. Tnx

  5. James Feb 4th, 2014 7:42

    Will it work with the gridseed chip?

    • Chirale Feb 22nd, 2014 15:06

      Soon! We are currently working on the integration of Scripta with gridseed-based products. This includes both the gridseed 5 chips miners (the round one) and the USB miner (1chip) from

      • Topher May 18th, 2014 3:40

        How far away are we from having 5-chip minis supported?

        • Chirale May 18th, 2014 10:30

          No far at all! there are plenty of “unofficial” scripta release running GSD mini smoothly, but soon also official release will be out. tnx

  6. Bryan Lee Feb 25th, 2014 7:22

    You have supply to gridseed chips for this project?

    • Chirale Feb 25th, 2014 23:15

      No supply of chips from gridseed.

  7. Playmobiel Feb 25th, 2014 8:05

    Would be great to use them with the gridseed round asic units. They are the same as LightningAsics I think? Hope to get some good news soon, current controller from LightningAsics is not so stable….

    • Chirale Feb 25th, 2014 23:17

      Correct! The round miners are all produced by the gridseed and then multiple distributors available(e.g. LightningAsic).

  8. Playmobiel Feb 25th, 2014 8:07

    Or is it already working with these Asic miners from Gridseed / LightningAsics?

  9. Jimmy Mar 12th, 2014 16:34

    This question might already have been answered, but it was difficult to find in the post. Have you managed to get Scripta to control the Gridseed in Dual mining mode, or just Scrypt. I’ve got one on the way (another day or two) and I am fairly sure that I can compile cpuminer to work simultaneously with cgminer, but if I need to I want to get started on it.

    Also what *nix distro did you build scripta on? I know minepeon is ArchLinux, but if this is a Debian/Ubuntu release I might start working on a version that supports a touchscreen or LCD monitor.

    Oh and thanks for the hard work y’all

    • Chirale Mar 13th, 2014 1:12

      Hello Jimmy! Currently running cgminer for scrypt-mining only. We also have a cgminer that mine BTC, but we would like to keep Scripta for scrypt-mining only. If then people really wants to use the BTC core of the gridseed chips we may also add the BTC mining.
      Scripta is build on Raspian and if you want to work on a version that supports touchscreen or LCT monitor I think it would be great! here is the github:

      • Aman Mar 17th, 2014 13:08

        Eagerly waiting for your dualmining on pi guide! Any way to mine both Litecoin and Bitcoin with Raspberry Pi with multiple 5 chip gridseed miners?

        • Chirale Mar 17th, 2014 21:57

          We are working on a Scripta version able to mine both LTC and BTC. Keep on eye on Scripta’s thread (Litecoin forum)!

  10. David Sutherland Mar 24th, 2014 10:15

    Yes, I would also really like to see a solo mining option with this firmware!

  11. Rick Mar 31st, 2014 9:57


    Scripta looks like the ideal solution for my needs. I.E. mining with gridseed via RPI.

    Are there any install instructions/guidelines for getting it all setup?



  12. KiethS Apr 8th, 2014 2:38

    Does / will Scrypta support user entered pools?
    For example,, etc. (Scrypt based).

    • Chirale Apr 18th, 2014 20:17

      Yes, will support both standard and profit-switching pools.

  13. JackElliot Apr 13th, 2014 3:25

    How do I format my Raspi SD card with this image?

  14. Jerry Apr 14th, 2014 17:39

    I’ve tried lots of images and this one is the most stable. I’m forking the GH project now and hope to add support for dual-mode mining with the Gridseed 5-chip units and something that will also find the sweet spot for each miner by auto-tuning the frequency on a per-device basis.

    Thanks for making this open source.

    • Chirale Apr 15th, 2014 2:08

      This sounds great! Looking forward to see your progress on the github! tnx

    • Chirale Apr 18th, 2014 20:20

      Great! Have a look at what richmondimage is doing. He is also interested in dualming. tnx!

    • Mark Apr 22nd, 2014 6:46

      Ditto and given the generosity and quality of the developer, it’s much worthy of ongoing donations to further develop. It’s a clear winnner. The Italian o/s language setting is cool. I wish I could speak/read Italian but sadly I can’t so that’s about the only thing that I needed to adjust. 10/10. Donation on its way.

      • Chirale Apr 26th, 2014 13:03

        Thank you! We are close to release the new version of scripta, all in English!
        Donation address for Scripta: Lcb3cy5nPnh3pQWPCpa55Zg8ShZj5kUHYC

  15. GBT Apr 15th, 2014 19:09

    FYI – I received the GS dual blade from china and for the heck of it plugged into the array of grid seeds I am using scripta to monitor. Although hash rate is showing only up to 5 chips, the accepted share rate is sky high and pool recognizes 5.2m.

    • Chirale Apr 15th, 2014 23:59

      Great news! It would be great if you could work on the blade support on the github!

  16. Jim May 14th, 2014 19:45

    When do you expect to release the gridseed-compatible version of Scripta?

    • Chirale May 17th, 2014 12:21

      Hello Jim!
      Hopefully by the end of next week we should have the new release based on bfgminer, running both gridseed mini and blades. tnx

      • Jim May 18th, 2014 21:47

        Awesome! I’ll keep checking back until then.

  17. Jim May 29th, 2014 8:32

    Tried downloading the latest version from github, but the dropbox link appears to be broken…

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